Rules & Regulations

Hockey 4 Humanity (H4H) Khalsa Cup 2020 Rules & Regulations



H4H games are 3 12 minute periods without stop time for Round Robin and 3 14 min periods for Playoffs.

The only time the clock stops is under the following circumstances

  • A) Penalty and Penalty Call. The referee will escort the player to the bench, once the referee has dropped the ball, the time will resume and for the full duration of the penalty, it will be stop time.
  • B) Ball out of court. At referee discretion/call ONLY! Do NOT yell at the scorekeeper.
  • C) Injury. At referee discretion/call ONLY! And lastly
  • D) the Last 2 minutes of the game if the game is within 3 goal differential.

Teams will have max 2 Time-Outs per game plus 1 goalie time out per game.

Team Punctuality and Time

All the games will be starting on time. Teams not ready to play within 10 minutes after the scheduled start will receive default. The game clock will commence 3 minutes after scheduled start time, the team not ready to play will receive an automatic 2-minute penalty and start the game shorthanded.

A Player can only join a game in the process if they play BEFORE the end of the 2nd period. A player cannot start a game in 3rd, OT or Shootout.


A win is 2 points and a tie will be 1 point for the standings during round-robin.

Offside & “Floating Blue Line”

We use the usual “Floating Blue Line” rule as other ball hockey leagues. Once you have entered your opponent’s zone over the blue line, the attacking/onside zone becomes the entire half rink on the opponent’s end.

Tournament Structure

Pool A

Pool B – TBC

In the event that teams are tied in points, the tie-breaking procedures will be as followed:

  1. Most Wins
  2. Most Points Earned in Games Head to Head Amongst Tied Teams (Applies only if all teams involved have played each other)
  3. Head to Head Goal Differential  (Applies only if all teams involved have played each other)
  4. Overall Goal Percentage
  5. Five Player Shootout followed by Sudden-Death Shootout if still tied. (10 player minimum must take part). *This will take place Saturday, May 9th after round-robin games are complete. Exact time TBD.”

Game Info:

All round robin games will consist of THREE 12-minute periods. In the round robin format, results will be final after regulation.

In the playoffs, games will consist of THREE 14-minute periods. if the game is tied after regulation, the sudden-death overtime will consist of a 5-minute overtime period. In the event that the game is still tied, a 5 player shootout will occur. These 5 players must be different and not the same player. If the game is still a draw after the 5 player shootout, there will be a sudden-death shootout in which all remaining players on the game roster will have to shoot before ANY shooter can be repeated.

Mercy Rule: 7 goal lead regardless of when this occurs, game will end for Round Robin & Playoffs.

No Contest/No Show: in case of a team that does not play their game or show up will be handed a score of 7-0 defeat counted towards their overall GF/GA standings.

Disciplinary Measures & Penalties:

We will be using certified referees.

Minor Penalties will be 2 min, stick infractions will be 4 min. A player will be allowed to join his teammates if the opposing team scores on the power play. Any head shots is an automatic 5 min and possible game misconduct as well suspension from the league. Further investigation if needed will be conducted.

If a certain play needs further investigation we will be reviewing with our committee members and video evidence for further action.

Ball Hockey has very stringent rules concerning penalties involving the use of the hockey stick. For this reason, “High sticking” the ball (contacting the ball above the normal height of the shoulders with the stick) is a 2-minute penalty. Hence, it’s best to rid yourself of the habit of chasing a ball in the air with your stick.

Ball Hockey also enforces a double-minor for any slashing or cross-checking penalty. High sticking involving injuries will result in a 5-minute major and game misconduct, and review from a league official.
In the spirit of respect, sportsmanship and serving as a positive example for youth, we expect participants to refrain from altercations and other behavior seen as contrary to the principles of the tournament. As such, disciplinary measures are in place for the following infractions:

  • Game misconduct (excluding 3 penalty ejection) $25.
  • Gross misconduct $50 and 2 games.
  • Match penalty $75 and tournament suspension.
  • Fighting $75 and tournament suspension.
  • Instigating a fight or foul play. $50
  • Misconduct in final 10 minutes of game $25.
  • All suspensions are subject to further review by the Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee may deem it necessary to impose additional fines and/or suspensions to the automatic penalties outlined above including the possibility of banishment from future tournaments.

We work with other Ball Hockey associations. If your case is serious, it will be brought up to other ball hockey associations for consideration to remove you from their respective leagues.

Uniform/Jersey Standards:

Teams are required to be dressed in matching base-colored jerseys/shirts.

Equipment Regulations (BOTH POOLS):
Helmets – Players must wear CSA approved helmets.  Players must fasten chin straps. Mandatory for Pool A and for Pool B.

Gloves – Protective hockey gloves are mandatory.

Roster regulations: 

There is no maximum roster number upon registration. However, there should be no more than 18 players plus a goalie dressed on your bench during a game. Pool B can only have maximum 3 Pool A OR Tier 1 type players on their roster (including the goalie).

Playoff Eligibility:

Players are required to play in ONE round robin game to participate in a playoff game must be registered on their active team roster

Ineligible Players:

Ineligible Players shall be defined as those signed in to the tournament roster or a game sheet under a false name.

If a team uses an illegal player in a game and this has been brought to the attention of H4H and the ineligibility of the player has been confirmed, the offending team will automatically forfeit the game or games in which the ineligible player played, and any points involved will be awarded to the non-offending team(s).

If both teams are at fault in game, no points will be awarded to either.

The ineligible player or players will be dropped immediately and further disciplinary action to the offending team(s) may be applied. The minimum penalties shall apply: $500 team fine; one year suspension of the illegal player; and one year suspension of the team representative who signed/verified the roster for the tournament and/or game. Your incident will again also be brought upon other Ball Hockey leagues in conjunction with us.

H4H Committee

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